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Letters below were sent to founder Jeff Gold from people helped by Rescue Me!

Sender: Randall Sc     Date: January 18, 2015 _
     Thanks, Rescue Me. I saw Bandit on both Craigslist and here on your website. He is a pretty good dog. I think he is very smart for a seven month old puppy. I have had to discipline him some, but it's just puppy stuff and I sort of feel bad about it. I let him in the house some and we wrestle on a rug I have in there. It's too cold outside. He likes it and so do I. The cold does not seem to bother him much. The other day we were outside in 20 degree weather - I'm freezing and he's having a good ole time. As I type this he is at my feet snoring away. I think he is going to be an excellent dog (partner) and am really glad I got him. I must admit I had never really heard about a Mountain Cur till him. After reading about them, I'm surprised everyone does not want one.

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Sender: Alison Currigan     Date: December 27, 2014 _
     I took in a homeless dog that I found roaming. No one reported her as missing, she had no tags and no microchip. Since we have five of our own animals, we couldn't keep her. We knew we didn't want her to go to the pound, so we found Rescue Me while searching for options. We set up an account which was free and super easy. We were able to meet families interested in her, and do some trial runs. It took a couple months to find the right home, but we finally did. Now she is with a great family that has made her part of their home. She gets all the exercise and love that she needs and deserves.

Sender: Nettie Mcqueen     Date: December 8, 2014 _
     Thank you so much, Rescue Me, for helping find Sage a home. I am happy to say that she went home with a very nice couple today. She seemed to take to them very well and the feeling was mutual. Without this site, I may have never been able to successfully find her a good home!

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Sender: Seth Cobin     Date: February 17, 2014 _
     I fell in love with this big guy the minute I saw his picture. It took many emails and phone calls and the help of two rescue organizations and a transport, but he made it all the way to Minnesota two days ago. We named him Mordo. He's gorgeous and one of the best dogs I have ever met. He gets along great with the other dogs in the house and seems to love everyone he meets. My girlfriend adores him. He doesn't have an aggressive or reactive bone in his body. I am so happy that I was able to save his life and give him a good home and I look forward to years of love and companionship.

Sender: Justin Bryerton     Date: September 3, 2013 _
     My wife and I just adopted Spirit and could not be happier! She is a wonderful dog and has bonded very well to our seven year old lab Lucy! I am so happy that I found Spirit with the help of Rescue Me! Thanks again!

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Sender: Hardin County Shelter     Date: May 7, 2013 _
     Dixie has been here for a little while now and she is so adorable! A couple in Connecticut found her photo, and fell in love with her, so she is going to live in New England starting the end of this week. In addition, Yellow Diamond Dog Rescue out of North Carolina saw our dogs on the Rescue Me! site and came by to check out our shelter when they were in Tennessee for a family event. They took home one adult cat, two kittens and several dogs. In addition, they sent a transport the next day to pick up three more dogs! THANK YOU RESCUE ME!!!

Sender: Emma Infante     Date: May 20, 2012 _
     He is happily adopted by an active man, they enjoy nice walks.

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Sender: Andy Ward     Date: December 30, 2011 _
     Jeff, thank you so much for this site. I had not luck in finding Caleb a new home until I posted on I found a great home for Caleb where he can hunt like he was bred to do. His new owner Titus is going to make Caleb a great home, thanks Jeff. Andrew Ward

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